27 March 2018

Celebon #Aloe Collagen Essence Mask Review [In English]


I'm back with another post for my weekly sheet mask routine! I supposed to post this review weekly but somehow I  can't because I'm running out sheet mask lol. Anyhow today I finished the review and ready to share it with you! Last week sheet mask is Aloe Collagen Essence mask from Celebon. This is not my first time using Celebon product. I've been trying their sheet mask a few times before. So far I satisfied with the result so I keep buying and trying another variant one by one.


Celebon has girl group GFriend as their brand ambassador. The mask with aloe variant has Yuju as its cover. It has 23 gram of product. I don't really know how many variants they have. As for now I already bought 4 masks with Yuju (aloe), Yuju (platinum), Sinb (snail) and Sowon (pome) cover. I haven't tried Eunha, Yerin and Umji variants.

The packaging is just like a normal sheet mask. The different variant also has different cover color and different member. At the back of the packaging, it has the product description, instructions, and ingredients in three different languages. It has Korean, English and Indonesian. I find it really considerate to use the Indonesian language because it distributed here too. Another mask usually only has Korean and (a brief) English description. Well, I don't mind either if they only use Korean and English since I don't really read the description haha.

The packaging has been changed. Mine is the old one. I just knew that they have a new packaging last December. I found some masks on my way to grocery shopping at Hero. Sadly they were not on sale so it a bit pricey for me. Maybe next time I will grab some. I bought it last year but the expired date is still long so it's okay. Mine will be expired in November 2018. The expired date is shown on the very bottom of the package.


Any Celebon mask always contains Glycerin and Butylene Glycol. Those two were a perfect match for a skin conditioner to keep the skin moist. That is good for dry skin. The main star of the mask is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, is an extract from aloe vera. This guy is also good for dry skin. The main ingredients are really good for dry skin because this mask was designed for them. But, it also has another ingredient as well. Such as Collagen, Beta-Glucan, and Panthenol. Oh, it also has the Aloe Leaf juice that is good for sensitive skin. So if you have a dry skin that sensitive, this mask is good for you. 

I left it on my face for around one hour. The mask fit alright and the eyehole is okay. It has somehow fresh scent. I don't know whether is an aloe or cucumber scent or just a kind of fresh fruit scent. I'm bad at defining scent lol, sorry. However, is not a bad scent. I had no problem with it. As for the performance of the mask, I think it lived up to its name. Aloe claimed to be a soothing agent for calming the skin. My skin did feel better than before I use the mask. Especially about the moisture. It really moisturized my skin well! It did not feel tacky or sticky. The essence absorbs pretty fast too. During those one hour, the mask was still wet in some areas, like cheeks and chin. But already dried in the forehead and nose areas.

 moisturized the skin
 smell nice
 the mask size fits alright 


[Formula] ★★★★☆
[Moisture] ★★★★★
[Scent] ★★★★☆
[Overall] ★★★★☆

Where to buy? supermarket/online shop.
Price? Rp. 24.000

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