24 February 2018

Unboxing: Haul #2

Hello again! It's me with another post about my recent haul. Actually, I bought these items last month in January. But somehow I couldn't find time to edit and write the post. So sorry, I've been busy with my research publication. Now I finished all of them and have lots of time to write again ^-^

I bought quite a lot, right? Some of them I bought while grocery shopping and some other while online shopping. The first batch is the items from grocery shopping. I'm didn't buy them at once but one by one. I bought them as a backup product, just in case I'm running out mine hehe. Here is the list:
  •  Viva Astringent Cucumber
  •  Nivea Soothe & Protect Lip Balm
  •  Shinzui Facial Wash Lightning (green)
  •  Shinzui Facial Wash Anti-Acne (pink)
  •  Ponds White Beauty Day Cream

I've been trying all of them (at least once) except for the lip balm. It will be my first time trying the Soothe & Protect variant. I always bought the same variant all these years. It quite hard to find tho, that's why I always bought the Strawberry one. I can't wait to try it! (´∀`)

Yup here is the big thing! This time I got a bigger package. Spent a little more rather than last month package hehe. As I want to try new skincare regime I decided to buy an essence and a serum. After searching and reading the review here and there I decided to grab products from Wardah. I also got three new blushes, a lipstick, three face masks and a spot care gel. Here is the list of the products:
  •  Wardah Renew You Treatment Essence
  •  Wardah Renew You Anti Aging Intensive Serum
  •  Acnes Spot Care Gel
  •  Ovale Face Mask Cucumber
  •  Ovale Face Mask Avocado
  •  Ovale face Mask Pearl
  •  Viva Queen Perfect Matte Lip Color (06 / Marsala)
  •  Viva Fin Touch Blush On (04 / orange)
  •  Viva Fin Touch Blush On (05 / purple)
  •  Zoya Mono Blush (Signora)

I really satisfied with my order. The package came really fast, just two days after payment confirmation. Usually, it took at least three days. My payment was confirmed on Saturday and the package was shipped on the same day. The local courier here usually didn't ship the package on Sunday. So I thought my package will come on Tuesday or Wednesday but it came on Monday evening!

I bought another pack of Acnes Spot Care Gel as I'm running out mine. I bought the Ovale face mask with a different variant because I never tried them. Prepare for the review soon! Also, I decided to grab another lipstick, because why not?? Padahal bulan lalu juga udah beli lipstik hahaha. I was curious with the blush on lines from Viva so I bought them too. But sadly, the pink shade (03) was out of stock so I only ordered another two. Ah, I almost forgot that I also bought the Mono Blush from Zoya. I just want to add it to my collection, there is no particular reason haha.

I will give you the spoiler for my next review post, here is the swatch picture~

The color is really pretty, isn't it? Please wait for the review. I will post them one by one after trying them. I will add the essence and the serum to my skincare routine and it will take some time to post the review. I still have a lot of review on my draft box anyway haha, please be patient :-)

That's all. Thanks for reading. See you!

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