08 January 2018

Tonymoly I'm Real Red Wine Mask Review [In English]

tonymoly-im-real-red -wine-mask-review

Here is another post from my weekly sheet mask routine! Last week I've posted about Etude House I Need You Mask, today is about I'm Real mask series from Tonymoly. Starting from this month I hope I can keep up posting about one sheet mask every week. I think it's a kind of new year resolution? Hehe. I just want to write more often about beauty goods related and trying more skin care products :-)

tonymoly-im-real-red -wine-mask-review

This is my first time trying wine variant. I love using the mask from I'm Real series. My ultimate favorite is the rice variant! I will buy it again for my next haul. I bought this mask because of its claims for pore care solution. I have large pores problem so I thought maybe it will help my pores to get better. I'm not having any high expectation, to be honest. My large pores problem has been not resolved until this far. So I will keep trying to find the right product.

I bought this mask on sale from the Tonymoly official store at Sogo. The normal price is Rp. 29.000 but I just paid Rp. 24.900. The official store always has a higher price than the online shop. It only costs around Rp. 15.000 for a sheet mask if you bought it online. I knew the price will be higher but still bought it anyway haha. 

The Red Wine mask has three ingredients that good for dry skin, which is really good right? Because I have a dry skin. They are glycerin, butylene glycol, and panthenol. Those three have moisturizer power that will help my skin from dryness. Other than that, this mask also has allantoin that is good for oily skin and sensitive skin. Allantoin has functioned as a soothing agent and skin protector. 

The highlight of the Red Wine mask are: 
 good for wound healing,
 paraben free,
 sulfate free, and

Panthenol will help the skins repairing and regeneration process. That's why this mask is good for wound healing. Although it has no paraben, sulfate, and alcohol, it still has fragrance. It has phenoxyethanol that has the function of fragrance and preservative agent. For me, the scent somehow smell like grape juice? I don't enjoy drinking wine so I don't really know the wine smell lol. It has a light scent so it didn't bother me that much.

tonymoly-im-real-red -wine-mask-review

The mask fit just alright, but the eyehole is quite small. The suggestion said to have the mask sat for around 20-30 minutes. You know me I will never obey their suggestion lol. I leave it sat on my face for around one hour. The mask contains 21 ml product. It's 1 ml more than the Etude House I Need You mask. I used the leftover essence to my body. The mask started to dry after 40 minutes. 

I put the mask off after one hour. The immediate effect is my skin looks brighter. The leftover essence on my face absorbed pretty fast too. Just around 10 minutes. I used the mask before starting my night routine. The scent is still there all night long haha. As for pore care effect, I didn't saw any noticeable change in my pores. My pore is still big and super noticeable, it's just still same as before. 

Generally, my skin looks refreshed. If the "pore care" is about cleaning the pore, I will say it has some effect. But the mask claims to tightens uneven skin texture with enlarged pores. So I guess it didn't happen to me at all. Wine is known for antioxidant and the mask's moisturizing effect is good. I love it. But too bad, the bright effect didn't last for long. As the next day, I woke up, my skin tone back to normal. It will be an amazing product if only the bright effect is long lasting. Ah, but more than that, I kinda disappointed that it has no effect on my pore :-(

tonymoly-im-real-red -wine-mask-review
it's me wearing the mask :-)

 moisturized the dry skin
 immediately brighten the skin
 refreshen the skin
 grape scented

 the pore care effect is not noticeable

[Formula] ★★★☆☆
[Moisture] ★★★☆☆
[Scent] ★★★☆☆☆
[Overall] ★★★☆☆

Where to buy? official store/online shop.
Price? Rp. 15.000 (online); Rp. 29.000 (offline)

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