04 January 2018

NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain #Get Noticed Review


Hello, I'm back with another review of lip makeup. This time is a review of NYC lip make up collection. It's a kind of lip tint, I guess?? The product name is Smooch Proof Lip Stain. I got the color of Get Noticed, a bright red color. So let's jump into the review!



The packaging is just like another lip stain/lip tint/lip paint or whatever you called it. It's a usual packaging, a kind of long tube with a stick brush. The packaging was made from plastic with transparent color and black cap. It has a transparent bottle so you can see the product inside. I got mine on Get Noticed color. It's a shade of bright and vibrant red color. A kind of color you would get to gather attention. When you pulled out the cap, it has a brush inside that stuck to the cap. Just like usual lip tint product. The applicator was really easy to use too.

I bought the lip stain from Mimo a few months ago. The price was around Rp. 60.000 if I'm not mistaken. Smooch lip stain has other colors in their collections. I forgot how many colors they have, but I think it's more than three... 


The color is pretty bold lol. I didn't expect the color would be that bold. More than that, it's really really bright. For me, I will not use those kinds of color for daily basis. It's just too bright for me. Warna ini bakal menarik perhatian banget. The pigmentation is good. One swatch is enough to cover my full lips. But it left somehow stingy feel on my lips. I never got those kinds of 'effect' from any lip product. It was my first time. So I felt so strange and afraid at the same time. I was like, is it normal??? Or I got a fake product or what??? It has a strong chemical scent. I don't like it :-( 

The durability is really good! Even after eating, the color is still there. I agree with NYC's claims about the product. The color faded a bit in general, not only in the center of my lips. I didn't reapply for a whole day. Single use in the morning is enough. Warnanya tahan lama! Bahkan setelah dipakai makanpun tetap oke. Nggak re-apply juga nggak masalah. Sisa warnanya tetap bisa bikin wajah kelihatan segar.

good pigmentation
good staining power, tahan lama banget!
comes in few shades

it left stingy feels after application
chemical scented
✿ masa simpan singkat, hanya 6 bulan

[Color] ★★★★☆
[Formula] ★★★☆☆
[Scent] ★☆☆☆☆
[Durability] ★★★★★
[Overall] ★★★☆☆

Where to buy? Online shop
Price? Rp. 60.000

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