04 November 2017

Unboxing: Haul #1

Hi! Today I want to share what I bought recently, not a review tough hehe. Two days ago I went to Sakinah to grocery shopping. I bought some foods and some skin care things. Just like the photo shown, I didn't buy that much. I got two bar soaps, two baby powders, one oil bottling paper, one facial cotton, one peeling mask and one body lotion.

Last month my mom bought Lervia milk soap and I tried it. It has a really nice scent, so I bought another one. I got baby powder from Johnson's in the pink and white bottle. They were on sale so I bought two haha. I bought Ovale face paper and Selection cotton too. The oil bottling paper was so cheap here. I always bought mine on another supermarket for about Rp. 15.000 :-| I got one bottle of body lotion from Emeron. As usual, I bought the avocado one. It has a really really nice scent. The texture itself is not really good, not my style I would say, but the smell will stay in my hand for a long time. For a lotion with a super cheap price, it has a really nice scent which is rare hahaha.

For time being I would like to continue posting about my haul, just like this post. I will post more review too! That's all, bye! :-)

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